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A snowy November day in Toronto set the stage for a memorable recording session at Revolution Studios.

30 musicians from various symphony orchestras around Canada gathered to record the orchestral score for the Climate Disaster Healing Song. Unbeknownst to them, this song was to be of significant importance, to a small island nation known as The Bahamas, that had just endured a catastrophic hurricane.


The score had been composed and arranged by Perro Grande who has insisted on recording at Revolution Studios, a place where he had recorded many times before, with many of the same orchestra musicians. 

The session was pre-empted with a briefing from Communications Director Nicky Saddleton who gave an emotional context to the importance of the success of the song. The musicians expressed that they were touched by the cause and proceeded to play with exceptional grace.

Expertly guided by Perro's direction, each grouping took their turn. French horns were first, followed the strings and woodwind, including the harp. Lastly percussion recordings closed out the session.

Playbacks in the control room confirmed to the production team that the 30 piece orchestra had been able to create the magic that Perro Grande had anticipated. The excitement was palpable and all those in the studio that day who experienced it felt that they had been part of something very unique a​nd transformational.

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