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The One World Bahamas Foundation is an organisation that will secure and distribute the proceeds from the “One World” song and any affiliates such as merchandise etc.


A board of Bahamian and International trustees will steward the funds fairly and transparently to those most greatly impacted specifically by Hurricane Dorian. 


The One World Bahamas Foundation identifies initially a need in areas such as orphaned and at risk children, housing for families, education for displaced children, rebuilding communities and long term goals will include an arts and music programme.


Proceeds will be generated multiple ways. Initially through song streaming and publishing sales. 

A website link for donations, will include the many ways to donate.  Awareness will be generated through television, video and social media platforms. Events and targeted campaigns will be marketed to ensure the song’s reach has maximum impact.


Donors who wish to partner and assist with the initial production costs  for “One World” song will be invited to participate throughout the process of creating a vehicle for long term relief for thousands of people.


We thank you in advance for your consideration.

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